The band's history started somewhere in 1993, when 3 friends, who lived in the same neighborhood in Rijswijk, South-Holland, joined forces. Edwin “Edzy” Haan (guitars & vocals), Marco “Drie” Drioel (keyboards & vocals) and Arjen “Ardjensan” van der Toorn (guitars & vocals) each had their own specific influences, but their mutual goal was to create heavy rockin' metal in the vein of great examples like Iron Maiden, Kiss, Metallica, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slayer and many more! After numerous, intense jam sessions on Ed's attic, the first real songs took shape.

The band's first gig as a trio took place in May 1994 at a local festival, which was also broadcast on radio. Later that year longtime friend Aad joined Edsattic on bass guitar.

In January '95 he was introduced as the new band member at the next gig at "De Koornbeurs" in Delft.

After a second gig at the same local festival, the band released their self-produced 4-track demo-tape called "ON". In the course of 1995/1996 several more gigs followed; among others at "Big Confusion" in Den Haag, "Nederland 3" in Wateringen, "Don Bosco" in Rijswijk and for a while Edsattic seemed to be world famous in their own town. 

But then guitarist Arjen decided to quit the band because he wanted to expand his musical horizons and so he did by joining the death/thrash metal band Spheres and later on the symphonic metal band Magion, which was quite successful. Edsattic went into hibernation, but the band members remained good friends.

In June 2008 Edsattic was reactivated for a special gig at "Nederland 3" to celebrate both Ed's and Marco's 40th birthdays. On stage the band was helped out by David de Waal (Magion) on drums and Lee van Diest (Ugly Sin) on bass. Because this collaboration worked out so well and the 3 original members were into the songs again, they decided to record a full-length CD together. 

Somewhere in 2009, 6 tracks were recorded and mixed by longtime friend Raymond Vogelaar (Gemstone, Natha Lee) and mastered by Chris Vrij (Spheres, Magion). Edsattic's debut album called "Once Upon" is yet to be officially released. 

In February 2011 Arjen was having his heavy 40th birthday bash at "Musicon", Den Haag, with the participation of Edsattic, Magion and old time metal buddies Acrid.

The band was helped out on stage once more by David de Waal on drums and bass duties were shared by Raymond Vogelaar and Chris Vrij.

After this event Edsattic fell silent again. 

Early 2014 Magion fell apart and Arjen was looking for new opportunities. Somewhere in 2015 Edwin and Arjen hooked up with old friend René “Bollie” Bol, who started playing the drums at a later age.

After a few inspiring jam sessions they decided to continue Edsattic together and Marco joined again as well. While they started rehearsing on a regular basis, the search was on for a new bass player.

Eventually they found the right person in the colourful, 20-year old Dianthe “Didi” Schroor. 

Now, in 2017, Edsattic is back, stronger than ever and ready to take the stages everywhere by storm !

"EDSATTIC Once Upon album is a masterclass in semi-progressive  metal. Be sure not to miss their live show - there's a whole different sound to it"


- The MetaMag -

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